How to Rescue Your Relationship

How To Rescue Your Relationship


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and it just seems like you and your mate are moving away from each other, there are definite things you can do to rescue your relationship.  Take a look at how you have been feeling about the situation and how you have been acting because of this.  If you have been controlling or demanding of your partner recently, this can tend to wear down the closeness between you.

Make a conscious effort to be kind and gentle with your partner.  Do something thoughtful everyday, even if it is a small gesture.  Try to refrain from yelling and complaining to your mate.  Count to 10 or 100 if you need to.   It will not take long for your partner to catch on to what you are doing.  He/she may attempt to reciprocate.

Be patient as you attempt to rescue relationship sparks you may have lost.  If it is in a fragile position currently, it will take time to repair.  It will not happen over night.  It may have been in the unraveling phase for quite a while.  You can’t fix things immediately.

In order to rescue a relationship you will need to change your behavior to start with.  Think back to a time when things were good in your relationship.  How did you feel about life in general, about your partner, your future, etc…  These feelings must have changed in some way.

Talk to your partner about how he/she is feeling now.  Do they have any of the same feelings about the relationship as they did in the beginning?  If so, talk about them.  If not talk about how you might be able to rejuvenate some of those old feelings.   If you are both keen on rescuing your relationship, set a plan for how you will start to rebuild your feelings and passion for each other.

Set up a certain amount of time each week just for the two of you.  Spend time together talking, taking a walk, having a quiet dinner or even just sitting quietly together.  You don’t even have to talk to each other at first.  Silence may be a nice change.  Make sure you are alone.  No kids, friends, etc…  Let this develop into a time you look forward to each week.  If you focus on rebuilding your love for each other and if you truly want it back, you will get it.

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