How to Win Back An Ex in 3 Ways

How to Win Back An Ex

The Breakup (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)

Parting ways with your ex can be a painful experience.  Sometimes one cannot help but wonder how to win back an ex and start all over again.  A lot of breakups happen so fast that on many instances both parties were caught by surprise at the unexpected turn of events that left them in regrets later on.

As a result, some people find it hard to believe that their relationship is over and they are no longer tied up with the person that they truly loved.  While moving on is the best thing to do, several individuals are still unable to accept the fact that they just lost the very person they love and they would do anything just to get ex back.




If you are in this situation, don’t lose hope because there are still chances for you to win your ex back if you do the right thing. In this case, one of the few steps to take is to accept the painful truth of your breakup. It already happened and you have to be fully aware of that and stop reminiscing about the past, particularly the special and romantic moments that you have had with your ex.


Move on


What you should do instead, is move on and face the consequences of the breakup. So if you are used to having lunch together with your ex then you have to start changing your lifestyle today by doing some things on your own. If you used to date on weekends, you have to start going out with your friends instead. This can be pretty painful at first, but sooner or later you will eventually get used to it.

Moving on is one of the best ways to win back your ex. When your former lover starts to notice that you have gracefully moved on with your life, your ex may start to panic upon knowing that he or she is about to lose you for good. This also creates a signal that it’s time for your ex to take action on the break up by trying to patch up things and to reconcile if the feelings for you are still there.


Be Your Old Self Again


Another important step to take is to become your old self again. Find out what traits in you that attracted your ex during the first time you met each other. It could be your cheerful disposition, your beautiful smiles, your friendly character, or your attractive looks. The point is to make your former lover fall in love with you again by simply being yourself, and if that happens it will become sweeter the second time around.

Over time, people change and it is possible that you have changed into something totally different beyond the expectations of your ex. You may be used to be very warm and caring to your former lover before, but in the past weeks you have not shown your affection towards the person anymore. So if you want to get back your ex then become the person your ex-lover fell in love with.

The journey towards getting back your ex is still has a long way to go. You have to carefully implement your strategies based on what are appropriate in your case. But you can start your journey on how to get back an ex with the above steps that can help you take the first few steps forward the right way.


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